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How We Will Help You?

We'll create a rock solid foundation upon which we'll build up your numbers up through the roof.

5 Levels Roadmap: Research - Strategy - Execution - Results - Optimization:



Successful PPC campaigns always start with a proper research. First we will get to know your company, products and current marketing efforts in detail and identify your offering's strengths and possible weak points. Afterwards we'll examine your competitors using the same approach.

The most important research phase will be based on analyzing all the available data to define your target audience demographics and further to discover and truly understand problems they have, solutions they consider and reasons why they like or don't like certain products.

Understanding your product, your customers and marketplace surroundings is the essence upon which we'll build a marketing plan laying out roadmap for success.



Careful choice of campaign types, precise targeting, bid setting and effective messaging is crucial to ensure your campaigns bring results repeatedly month after month.

We will identify methods that can attract not just online traffic, but people that will buy your product or services and turn into loyal customers for time to come.



Armed with research findings and carefully crafted strategy, we will create PPC campaigns for you on search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing and their search partner sites.

We will also make use of the large pool of advertising placements available through Google Display Network and other display advertising platforms to find placements and targeting combinations that can produce the best results for you.



We have delivered results to many companies from different countries, so we will deliver results to you, too.

Before we start working, we'll together set benchmarks for determining the success. If you are not satisfied with our work (if predetermined goals are not met), you don't need to pay us.

To ensure our goals are aligned, the amount you'll need to pay us each month we'll be dependent on the profits you receive from our work.



Since our fee will be higher if your profits are higher, we'll constantly push harder to get you more and more sales... each month will be a new challenge.

Through constant monitoring and optimization of promotional activities we will determine what works great, what works just okay and what doesn't work at all and focus majority of resources on strategies that produce best results, improve what brings just acceptable results and discard methods that bring below acceptable return on investment.

We'll repeatedly fine tune campaigns to get you more customers and to pour in more money to your bank account.

Periodically, we'll go back to the research phase to find additional opportunities and adjust strategies to push your earnings even higher... and higher...

About Ad Bit d.o.o.

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Ad Bit d.o.o. (Ad Bit, LLC) performance marketing agency was founded in 2012 by PPC expert Dragan Pozder.

We are specialized in search engine marketing through Google Adwords, Microsoft BingAds and display advertising through various display platforms. Our services include PPC account management and advanced PPC support and consulting.

We serve many different industries and work with companies from English speaking countries.

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